Saturday, April 25, 2009

In between list

I'm finally, finally starting work, which marks the end of my post-Korea phase (or trauma, as I'll forever remember it). Here's a list of things I accomplished in almost three months, from the day I landed in Canada on Valentine's day:

-Travelled to Calgary, Banff and Lake Louise
-Baked cookies, muffins, brownies, cakes, and cupcakes
-Learned how to use an oven again
-Spent countless hours in the neighbourhood caf├ęs
-Read more blogs than I can remember
-Watched the whole Friends and SATC series
-Read the Sonic Youth biography
-Applied for about 200 jobs
-Went to maybe 4 interviews
-Got one job, that did not even require an interview
-Cleaned out my closet
-Ran miles and miles at the gym
-Went jogging at the moutain quite a bit with friends
-Went on a few shopping sprees at American Apparel
-Got some IKEA furniture
-Drank more wine and mojitos than I'd like to admit on weekday afternoons
-Applied for jobs in Japan and Korea (did I really do that?!)
-Got a job in Japan (wh-wh-what????! um, more on that later. i'm not going anywhere right now!!)
-Went to a few local concerts (I missed the Montreal music scene so much)
-Missed Korea and all the friends I had there
-Made some new friends in Montreal, and got re-acquainted with old ones
-Went to bed at 3am and slept in late
-Worried about my finances (um, being unemployed for 3 months is bad for the bank account)

Hmm. Maybe those last months weren't the most prolific of my life, but I think I needed that kind of break between Korea and 'real life'. It's time for me to start my job, I'm going CRAZY here even though I got used to this new routine. I'm so, so excited to be back in my field!


Eri said...

Good luck!
And thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.
See you soon

Kelly said...

great list!! i too have been going through the friends and SATC seasons! their great. good luck with the job. can't wait to hear updates :) make sure to take pictures of your adorable work outfits!

maeghan said...

Japan?! "Wh-wh-wh-what?!" is right! Update frequently. :)

Anonymous said...

That's a lot for three months! Can't wait to hear how the new job goes, I can't believe you didn't have to interview for it. Score!

Nicole Marie said...

wow you did a lot!!! i think it worked out perfectly that you had a few months between getting back and having to go back to work to get readjusted and enjoy everything.

can't wait to here about your new job!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics...
thanks for sharing....

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