Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yet another list

My life is less than perfect these days, so here's a list of great things that make me happy this weekend:

*Peruvian food
*Hunter rain boots (in eggplant, been wanting them forever)
*Spring weather (quite temporary in Montreal)
*Lovely, caring friends
*Reading blogs
*My roommate
*Apple cider
*Running while listening to the best 58-song playlist on my ipod
*Montreal gigs
*Pain au chocolat from the local bakery
*Boots skincare (from the UK)
*Silversun Pickups
*Reading Craigslist for fun
*Reading about Seoul in Nylon magazine
*Style-watching at concerts

I'm a nerd.


Anonymous said...

Good list. Especially the apple cider and pain au chocolat parts!

Nicole Marie said...

haha i love craigslist!

Kelly said...

great list! i'm a big fan!

Anonymous said...

Great to read this post...
thanks for sharing....

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