Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taking it easy

The past few days have been a mixture of settling in, and just enjoying being back. I don't always enjoy it, though. Everything seems like a challenge, again. I feel lost in my own hometown. Taking the bus or the subway is confusing, and the grocery store is overwhelming. I'm slowly getting re-acquainted with everything, though.

Seeing my friends is the best- nothing has changed at all. I also bought some food for the first time since I arrived (for the past week, I've been spoiled by my mom and my roommate!). It was fun to pick out my favorites, food I've barely touched in the past year: hummus, pita, special k cereal... I even baked some brownies last night... just for the thrill of baking.

I went to my former job to say hi to everyone, and honestly I couldn't be happier I left. It's a great workplace with amazing people, but there is no way I could be happy being back into it. I definitely need something new, and the upcoming week is dedicated to a full-time job search.

I still don't know how I feel about being here. It's definitely nice and comfortable, but it's just so challenging, and why did I miss it so much while I was gone?


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

aw, i'm sorry you're having trouble adjusting, but be patient with yourself! it seems like you expected to waltz back into your old life, but you have to remember that you've gone through a lot of new experiences. perhaps you should do something that you enjoyed while in Seoul and share it with your friends? maybe it would be a nice way to share some of the things you liked while you were away? just some thoughts. xo

Nicole Marie said...

were you happy with all the options in the grocery store!! ??

Vivian said...

Nicole- yes, I was!! It was so overwhelming, actually. Too much to choose from, I ended up leaving with two boxes of Mac 'n Cheese, some pita bread and hummus. But it was a great moment!

Emily- thanks for your kind words. i'll definitely try to get out there and fully enjoy it and share my new experiences... that's good advice xx

Anonymous said...

Its amazing !!!
thanks for sharing....

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