Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reverse culture shock

*There's white people everywhere!!
*I still bow to sales people
*I give money with both hands
*I'm confused with the currency
*There's open spaces, and it's so clean
*Lots of overweight people (no offense, but compared to Asia...)
*Diversity, diversity
*The air smells so fresh and crisp
*I can hear all the conversations around me (a bit annoying)
*People apologize when they bump into you... so polite.
*The food, oh the selection of food!

It feels great to be home, but I feel like an alien a bit. I'm just observing everything and not quite fitting right in. I think Korea really changed my perspective on things in life.

I'm still so jet-lagged, I just can't sleep at night. When will it go away? Apparently it takes one day per time zone you cross, so it might take me 8-10 days. Yikes.


Nicole Marie said...

haha i totaly noticed all the fat people when i got back from italy! it's kind of shocking because you don't notice it until you've been somewhere where everyone is skinny!

glad you're enjoying being home!

seasonal lust said...

you still bow to the sales people? lol. did they look at you oddly?

your body is in montreal, but your heart/brain is still in korea

{michelle} said...

That's funny, who knew there could be reversal culture shock!

Kelly said...

i'm glad you got home safely and in one piece!! good luck with all the culture shock and transitioning from there to here. I hope the jet lag is working itself out...i hate not being able to sleep!!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing !!!
thanks for sharing....

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