Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rediscovering Montreal

One thing I've missed about Montreal is the abundance of independent coffee shops. Yes, Seoul has coffee shops on every single corner, but they're all chains: Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and numerous Korean chains. Nothing independently owned.

Since I've been back I spent most of my time at Caffè in Gamba, which is just down the street. My roommate told me about it, since we didn't have the internet set up yet, so we'd just go there to use the free wireless. I spent countless hours there slouched on the velvety red couches, writing long emails, chatting, and actually getting some work done. The employees are so nice, and they seem to recognize me now. I almost feel bad that they had to put up with my roommate and I, making ourselves at home in our sweat pants, and me giggling during chat sessions. It's so warm and cozy in there, the perfect place to hide on a Sunday afternoon during a snowstorm.

It was voted the best coffee in Montreal, and it is pretty exquisite. Sorry Seoul, but Montreal beats you for coffee.


Nicole Marie said...

fun! i LOVE coffee shops! and i get so much more done when im out of the house. plus i feel so chic with my coffee, laptop and work

Kelly said...

this place looks so cute :) i want to go!

maeghan said...

There are a few independently owned coffee shops that I really like in my hometown, but where I live now there are only the chains. :\ I need to find a new, cute coffee shop to hang out in.

Anonymous said...

Looks cozy!

Anonymous said...

Its amazing !!!
thanks for sharing....

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