Thursday, February 26, 2009

My apartment now.

After the disgusting photos below, I need to show you my lovely apartment now. Small, but cozy. And white. It's an old Victorian house, but I'm loving all the moldings.



Kelly said...

i love love your apartment. it's adorable and the outside is so charming! i can imagine your shock when seeing your new home in korea after coming from your cute home there. but yay for being back!

p.s. our house is super white too!

Vivian said...

yes, it was a huge shock seeing the korean apartment, i remember i laughed when we entered, i thought it was a joke! then i started crying, haha!

i love white- you should post more pics of yours, i think i saw a few before! i'm sure it's beautiful!

Nicole Marie said...

so so so so cute! and i saw your comment on kel's page and I would thrilled if you moved to sf

Anonymous said...

So, no offense to your Korean apartment, but I can see why you're so glad to be back in your original space! Old houses are the best!

Vivian said...

oh, you can offend my korean apartment all you want!!!

dennis lo designs said...

what a lovely apartment! this is exactly what i miss most about montreal, the old european touch.

seasonal lust said...

your apartment now! Such a big difference. i love the white, the freshness, the...blank slate feeling of it all. not to mention its gorgeous from the outside.

p.s. love your LV bag hanging on your door. =)

Anonymous said...

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