Monday, February 23, 2009


It's been a week since I returned, but I still feel a bit lost. I was walking around downtown today, looking at all the sights, the new stores... and I feel the same way I felt in Seoul, the first few weeks. I was confused using the subway system, and I keep comparing everything to Korea- good and bad.

My closest friends had a welcome back party for me last weekend, it was amazing. They made me an elaborate dinner, we drank lots of wine and just caught up on the past year. It felt exactly the same, it felt like I never left. But something was definitely different, but in a good way. We all grew in our own ways in the past year, but somehow we still get along so great. I realized how much I've missed them, it was so comfortable to be around them, and we talked for over six hours. It takes that long to catch up, and we barely scratched the surface. It seems like we all went through pretty intense things at the same time, even with me on the other side of the world.

I'm also happily back with my roommate, and it's so, so nice! We cook together, we share clothes, we hang out in our pajamas at the local café, we go out for brunch, and we just have so much fun. My apartment, my lovely apartment... I'm still living in my suitcases, I need more furniture... but I'm home.

I know the next couple of months will be difficult for some reasons (actually, many reasons). but it's okay, I'll manage.


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i'm sure it'll be a rather gradual process, but i'm glad that you kicked it off with a night filled with wine and friends.

maeghan said...

Readjusting takes time. It's all about baby steps. :) Hopefully it won't all be uncomfortable and you'll be able to really enjoy the process of rediscovering the little things.

{michelle} said...

Glad you're home among friends, but I can imagine that feeling of displacement. Hopefully it will improve soon, and you'll always have the memories!

Nicole Marie said...

i'm sorry its tough but you'll get through it. That was so nice of your friends to throw you a welcome back party! Hope you're having a great week! each week will be different and you'll feel a little more at home

Anonymous said...

Its amazing !!!
thanks for sharing....

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