Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Incheon here I come

I daydreamed all year about that moment when I would be sitting on that plane, leaving Incheon airport, and probably feel quite relieved I'm leaving. Although I'm so sad to leave this exciting city and so many friendships behind, I'm quite relieved it's over, as it hasn't been easy.

My friend from Canada, who just left today after 4 amazing days of catching up and sightseeing, told me how she thought Seoul was such a... difficult city to live in. Everything is a challenge, and there's quite a few annoyances. She definitely enjoyed it, but she traveled a lot and I believed her when she told me that. And it made me feel better in a sense, maybe it was okay to complain a bit about the cultural differences and daily annoyances.

And I'm glad I survived it. I remember landing here almost a year ago, looking out the car window as we drove to our new home, and I remember being a little bit frightened, and perhaps a little disappointed. I also remember the weird feeling of not knowing anything at all, and being completely lost and confused.

A year later I feel completely different, and completely comfortable in this environment. The whole year I asked myself how Korea changed me, I couldn't see it. I still can't put my finger on it, but something is definitely different, and important changes are happening. Maybe the whole thing about the experience is the aftermath?

I'm especially sad that it's the end of my blog too, but maybe it doesn't have to be. I'll definitely keep writing about settling back home, and perhaps a few months later about... leaving again?!

Hmm. I should head to bed. Writing on a total of ten hours of sleep in the past 4 days is not exactly the best idea.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, it can't be the end of your blog! I just found it!

Nicole Marie said...

ok 1. i refuse to allow this to be the end of your blog. i'm sure you'll have lots of stuff to write about adjusting back to normal life.

2. you have so much guts going to a country so completely different then your own. european countries are much more similar to home than Asian countries.

*and i can totally relate to the feelings when first getting there. when i got to florence it was just the weirdest feeling that you can't really exlain

Kelly said...

NO! I agree with Nicole! Just because you're returning home doesn't mean your blog has to end!!! You're such a lovely writer and so interesting!! Seriously, my blog has no point but I still have it!!!! No no, you need to still blog :)

Anonymous said...

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