Thursday, February 12, 2009

I remember

*Making the trek trying to find the French area of Seoul, getting so lost
*Getting so embarrassed my first time in the sauna, but enjoying it
*Drinking wine at Abbey Road, a charming pub in Apkujeong
*Late-night grilled meat meals accompanied of soju, and talking until 4am
*Sitting outside 7-Eleven in the summer, sipping 2% (the best peach-flavored water)
*Sleeping on the floor on cold winter nights, staying warm
*Sleeping on the floor in the hot summer nights, trying to stay close to the AC
*Ice skating with my students during winter camp
*Going skiing on an overcrowded, small mountain, but still having a blast
*Going to a Noraebang (karaoke private room, shamelessly showing off)
*Seeing Death Cab for Cutie in Tokyo. Enough said.
*Getting soaked in the rain and mud at Pentaport, wearing rainboots
*Making my first traditional Christmas feast
*Cat-sitting for my friend and making her cat fat
*Teaching in kindergarten for a few weeks- they're adorable
*Getting over my fear of heights in Seroaksan, and making it to the top
*Riding a bicycle by the Han River
*The Golden Globes party at my friend's, with homemade food and all
*My birthday party at Homestead, seeing everyone together
*Anytime the taxi drives by downtown at night... so beautiful
*Sitting on a beach in Thailand and seriously considering fleeing Korea (seriously)
*Late, lazy Sunday brunches with girl friends
*Eating noodles... mmmmmmmmn.

LAST DAY today!! AAAARRGH. I'm stuck at school, desk-warming, and re-reading my blog to have a little wrap-up in my head. I cannot believe I'm leaving tomorrow, it's unreal. I'm not ready. So much to do, still.

Happy Valentines Day to all, I'll be spending mine on a plane home, home, home!


Anonymous said...

Wow, i really hope your last day has been wonderful. Happy Valentine's Day and welcome back to North America!

The Lil Bee said...

Oh wow, I can't believe it's come to an end! I hope, by now, you are catching up on some much-needed sleep, though you may still be en route. When you are up and recovered, stop on over. I have a gift for you for guest blogging:) xx

maeghan said...

That peach-flavored water sounds amazing! And noodles? Mmm... Total comfort food for me. :) What awesome memories.

seasonal lust said...

adventures of a lifetime! soo envious!

Sam said...

Hah haa haaa! I've just had a major catch-up on your blog....I'm glad you enjoyed making my cat fat!! ;-)))
She's slimming down now, those last few pounds have been a nightmare....
Talk to you soon hun! xxx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow I'm so glad I found your blog! I have just arrived in South Korea and have been experiencing some of the major culture shock you describe. It's been great reading about your year here so I know it will get easier and have many things to look forward to. I'm not living in Seoul but am going there for Buddha's Birthday and am so looking forward to it after seeing your photos and reading your experiences. I look forward to reading your post-Korea experiences too!