Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking West (or trying to)

Or getting myself pumped.

I've been feeling quite nostalgic these days about leaving Seoul, even though I'm still here. But a few days ago I talked with my lovely roommate, and all of a sudden I felt a surge of excitement about finally going home. HOME! I remembered my clean, white, cozy apartment. My scented votive candles. My black and white cushions. My tall windows. My Victorian moldings. Yes, yes, yes. Little things, but they can make such a big difference after living in a cardboard box for a year (I did not forget the pictures, I'm working on it). And of course, I'm thrilled to see family and friends after such a long time. Will it be weird?

As Nicole suggested, I made a list of things I'm so excited to do when I get home.

(I'm actually not going straight to Montreal, we're stopping in Calgary for a few days to visit Aaron's brother. Should be a nice transition, getting re-acquainted with my homeland and its cold temperatures!)

Here's what will happen once I hit Montreal ground, pretty much in order:

*Eat my mom's cooking!!! Real, homemade food, everything I missed so much.
*Sleep, sleep, sleep
*Unpack and set up my new macbook
*Go to the grocery store and stay there for 3 hours looking at all the variety and perhaps cry a little bit inside.
*Get a smoothie at the expensive place by the gym (can't remember the name)
*Have a bread and cheese feast.

(I think I missed food A LOT)

*Move back in my apartment, cook with my roommate and have an all-night chat trying to catch up
*Meet my best friends for brunch at La Croissanterie (the best cafe in my neighborhood)
*Buy tons and tons of magazines, after a year hiatus
*Write sappy emails to my friends back in Seoul
*Go to H&M and FCUK
*Walk down St-Laurent, perhaps grab a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's
*Find a job!!!

... and I don't know what else. But the unexpected is the best.


Emily said...

i loved reading this's such a fun thing to do before you head back home. enjoy your last bit of time in Seoul! xo

maeghan said...

Looks like you've got some awesome things to look forward to! I realy hope you continue posting regularly upon your return.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty annoyed I've only now discovered your blog! I guess I'll have to sift through your archives to get the full Seoul experience, huh? Have a wonderful time there, for whatever time you have left!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's good to come back home after all =) Well maybe a year was enough, I mean, before you could get bored by Seoul... lovely to read your list.

Nicole Marie said...

oh i'm so excited for you!!
the countdown begins!!

Kelly said...

great list! i love reading all your lists. i want to do all those things too! you come home so soon!

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff...
thanks for sharing....

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