Friday, January 9, 2009


More birthday fun! I'm not big on celebrations, but for once I decided to gather all my friends in a cozy little trendy cafe for a small party. I invited all the friends I met in Seoul, both Korean and Westerners. It was a chance to see everyone together, and it was such a nice evening. It made me realize I met an amazing group of friends in Seoul, and it will be really sad to leave. Back home I never had much free time (because of work), therefore I sometimes neglected my friends. This year has made me realize how precious friends are, and hopefully things will change back home.

January is also my last chance to spend some quality time with friends, and discover all the little areas of Seoul, and go back to my favorites. Thankfully I'm on vacation this month, so I have plenty of time to roam around and properly explore the city I grew to love so much. One of my Korean friends mentioned that it was unbelievable how much I knew about Seoul, and that I knew all about the good spots- way better than she did. I thought it was a great compliment, as I'm always fishing for more information about where to find the best cafes and best shopping.

In other news, Aaron and I have returned to our lovely luxury palace (the cardboard apartment). I was sad to leave my friend's nice apartment (and the cat, which I accidentally fattened up!), but I only have one month left in this box, and I'm planning to be out and about most of the time. I'm very bittersweet about leaving Seoul- part of me cannot wait to live in a real home, and see all my friends. But I'll miss the craziness that is Seoul, and all of my new friends.


seasonal lust said...
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seasonal lust said...

ahhh my comment is lost!

lets see if i can remember what I wrote:

Once again, happiest birthday to you! May you could your blessings only to realize how truly rich you life is!

and once back home, I am sure you will have many memories to draw back on about seoul: robbery, pizzas delivery adventures, showering in the whole bathroom... =)

so many interesting adventures.

Nicole Marie said...

how fun! i love just low key birthdays.

I know that bittersweet feeling. explore and have as much fun as you can in this last month. it's gonna fly by! I've started looking for teaching programs in europe! one of these days i'm gonna have to start reading from the beginning of your blog and read all the stories from the beginning of your time there.

take tons of pictures this last month. my one regret was not having more pictures when i went to italy. (even though i have thousands!!)

*i'm going back to sf sunday i think. I dont start school till the end of the month and i just woke up with a cold. blah.