Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, Seoul Style!

What a fun, unexpected New Years Eve I just had! Yesterday was a long, exhausting day at work- last day of winter camp, went skating with the kids, and got home quite late. Aaron and I were both so tired and had no set plans, but decided to do something special for our only New Year in Seoul. We just walked around the crowded streets of Gangnam and watched the frenzy: groups of friends running from one place to another in the freezing cold, upscale clubs charging extravagant covers, and the crazy neon lights.

We opted for some Japanese beer at 7-11 instead of a fancy bar. Why? Because it felt more authentic, and it was much better to sip our beers, and hear the people outside counting down in Korean at midnight(that was confusing, I barely know how to count yet). We just walked around for a bit, and got silly in those funny Asian photo booths that let you add funky designs to your pictures and print them on stickers. Everywhere was crowded, people were in a good mood, and it was fun to wish Happy New Year to random Koreans and have people come up to chat.

I had the best time in those few hours, and I also realized, 'wow, I'm in Asia right now', and had a real lost in translation moment. I really need to make the most of my last month here, the end is coming so, so soon.

2008 has been pretty amazing, being in Korea, see another part of the world, and live a completely different life in another culture. I'll definitely be forever changed from it, in a good way.


Nicole Marie said...

how fun!!!!

i went to sleep at 10 hahah

happy new year!!

Fashion Is Poison said...

sounds like a HUGE challenge and a lot of fun. hope 09 is even better for you :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

That is such a sweet compliment to receive. I think I missed the boat on it though, modeling. I'm already 26 and not tall enough at only 5'6". But the flattery is amazing enough. :)

Thank you, happy new year, my sweet. I only wish for the best of the best to come your way all year long! X

Anonymous said...

Two things. First, you do such an excellent job of describing situations and conveying emotions that I'll be very interested to see how your posts evolove over the course of 2009 as you transition back home. Second, I went to Aaron's blog "Quietly Loud" and enjoyed it very much. I have a poor knowledge of music so the playlists on his site are a huge benefit to me.

Anonymous said...

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