Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The final month

I realize that I've complained a lot throughout the year- but I know I tried hard to always look on the bright side. And to think that a month ago I would have given anything to be on a plane to Canada, I'm now dreading the departure date as it is fast approaching.

Yes sure I cannot wait to see my friends and family, enjoy my mom's cooking, find all my favourite foods at the grocery store, understand what is going on around me, and have a real home.

I'm afraid I'll be disappointed- everything I've missed all year long might just not be as great as in my day dreams. I know life back home will be difficult, especially with the job search, and just being back after being gone for so long.

In Seoul, I have loads of free time, so I'm always going somewhere, meeting someone, and discovering something new. I try a new cafe or restaurant every week, I keep making new, amazing friendships, and I also read and write a lot. Hopefully all these newly acquired habits can translate into my Montreal life.

I also spent most of the year wondering if my one-year stint in Korea was a bad career choice. Many times when I was in the classroom I found myself missing the exciting, stressful days on a television set. On bad days, I convinced myself that coming to Korea would make it difficult to get back into the industry when I head home. I realize it might be a little bit difficult, but at this point I don't regret anything at all. I NEEDED this year, I needed to take a break, see the world and discover another side of myself.

And teaching children was amazing. I got so attached to them, and teaching is rewarding- something I never felt on the TV set, running around to get the perfect cup of coffee. I do miss working for the egos on a TV set, but teaching kids actually taught me to be more patient.

I also freelanced as an editor during my year here, so it's a great thing to add to my resume- something I wouldn't mind pursuing at home (most likely in French). So in the end, being in Korea was more beneficial than hurtful for my career, even though I might not find a job right away.

Living in Seoul was also a fabulous experience, the third biggest city in the world, an overpopulated place filled with great neighbourhoods and little-known hang outs. I now feel like I know Seoul by heart.

But yes, it's time to go home, I cannot live like that forever. I feel fresh and motivated for a new start in Montreal, we'll see how it goes. For now, I'll make the most of my last few weeks here, between packing, working, and seeing everyone.


Emily said...

it's been such a joy reading through all of your great and not so great (um, creepy man in your apartment in the middle of the night) experiences while in Seoul. since i regrettably didn't study abroad while in college, traveling to a foreign country is such a scary idea to me. you made the best of it and have this wonderful blog to remember all of your experiences! enjoy your last few weeks!

PrincessImp. said...

Sometimes a change is needed to bring about better times. Sounds like Seoul was good for you...and will be a great experience that you can cherish.

Nicole Marie said...

there's no way this was a bad decision. just like you said no regrets. you learned so much and its a great hting to put on your resume. enjoy your last few weeks!!

seasonal lust said...

so begins another adventure. =)

♥ fashion chalet said...

A farmer? No way you are too cute for that!! :] Thanks for the compliment though, you're always so very sweet. And I truly do enjoy reading what you have to say (both in my blog and in yours!) xx

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