Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Sunday Night in Seoul

Or, our first pizza delivery in Seoul.

You can get anything delivered to your door in Korea: pizza, ice cream, bibimbap, and even McDonald's. Yes, McDonald's! It's called McDelivery.

Anyways, last Sunday night Aaron and I were feeling quite lazy, tired, and hungry for pizza. We usually pick it up at the local pizza joint, which is a 15-min walk from our place. However, it was cold and rainy, and that's when I got the genius idea of ordering it.

Ordering pizza proved to be more challenging than it should be: first, I cannot make a complete sentence in Korean, although I extended my vocabulary to 72 words. Second, we don't have an address. Seriously- we get our mail delivered at the school, they never gave us an address and our building does not have a number, and our street doesn't have a name, like many places in Asia (they use a different system). And third, I didn't know the phone number of the pizza joint. It seemed like an impossible task, but the pizza craving had no limits. Here's what happened.

{Step 1}: Finding the pizza phone number. I googled the name, but no luck. I decided to give tourist information a try, although I felt bad bothering the nice lady with such a stupid question. But she didn't seem to mind, and in less than 2 minutes I had the number for Sharmang Pizza in Hoegi-dong.

{Step 2}: Finding out where we live. Our South African neighbours have been here for several years, and they order food quite a bit, so Aaron went over there to ask. Our neighbour gave us detailed information about what to say, in Korean, to the pizza man.

{Step 3}: Ordering. Luckily, the man working there spoke pretty good English, so ordering wasn't a problem. We made sure they didn't put corn, sweet potatoes, or mayonnaise on it (yes, those are regular toppings in Korea). Aaron dictated the directions, and apparently the guy knew about our apartment building since it's mainly foreigners.

{Step 4}: The pizza came within 20 minutes, without a problem, on a fast motorcyle- Korean style.

Yes, a whole entry about getting pizza delivered. The joys of living abroad!


Kelly said...

I love pizza! And I think I would go through everything you did lol. I'm sure it tasted even better with all the effort put behind it...

Emily said...

mayonnaise on pizza? wow. and now i'm obsessed with the idea of a mcdelivery. i have an unhealthy obsession with chicken mcnuggets and their soft serve.

Rachel said...

Ha ha. I had a similar experience while I was living in Greece, but I am not as persistent, so I gave up and walked in the end. Now you can order any time you want!

seasonal lust said...

what an ordeal ordering pizza! i bet it took you more than 15 minutes to do all that than it would have to just pick it up lol, but im sure it must have been fun doing the research work for it. like a little mission!

the more you describe korea, the more i feel like it was catered to fit my lazy needs. ice cream at your door? hello!