Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is it February yet?

Warning- major ranting.

On days like today I'm counting the days. 54 days left. Less than 2 months until I can breathe some fresh air, live in a real home, shop at the grocery store without it being a challenge, and understand what is going on around me. No more people pointing at me and whispering, no more old ladies pushing me, and no more drunk men asking me if I'm a prostitute.

That was a bit harsh, right? This whole year I've tried to keep a positive image of Korea, but these days I don't care any more. Right now I wish I could just fly home. Maybe things wouldn't be so much better in Canada, but at least it's home.

I don't know why I'm so hateful about Korea right now- perhaps because it's Christmas time, and it doesn't feel like Christmas here, as it's not as celebrated. Or perhaps because my school is being horrible and not caring about our safety since we had the break-in.

I hate being one of those people who are all depressed about Korea, I did pretty well all year long. But right now all I can think of is how happy I'll be once I'm sitting on that plane at Incheon on February 14.

Anyhow- here are some good things today to be happy about:

-I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend at my friend's apartment
-I get to see a cat when I finish work
-I have great foods awaiting me (wine, cheese, fruits and veggies)
-Only one more day of work before the vacation!
-I'm having a mini Christmas party with my kids tomorrow
-I'm re-reading The Catcher in the Rye
-I'm watching tons of Christmas movies
-I still haven't touched the Reese's and Mac'n Cheese I got from home (I'm saving them for Christmas- although tonight is definitely a Mac 'n Cheese night).

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Nicole Marie said...

aww i'm sorry you're not happy there right now. I'm sure the holidays aren't helping. I know most people are very ready to go home by the end of their time away from home.

Have an enjoyable break, and eat that yummy mac and cheese and relax with Aaron!