Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Home

I'm so happy the week is over, I think it's been the worst since I got here. After our little encounter with the burglar and a few sleepless nights, I woke up on Wednesday with an intense sore throat. After a visit to the doctor, fifty dollars and an injection on my lower back area (was it really necessary?), I found out I have pharyngitis. Oh, and today I noticed I caught the pink eye from one of the kids. Ah, the joys of teaching children. I'm already feeling better though, the mysterious medicines I was given seems to be working.

However, today is Friday, it's the weekend, and I get to take a mini vacation away from my neighbourhood. I'm staying at my friend's apartment to look after her adorable kitten while she's gone home for Christmas. Her apartment is so lovely, warm, and cozy, and is located in the posh part of Seoul. It's seriously a real vacation for me, getting to relax in a plush environment with big windows, French doors, white walls and bedding, a real bathroom, and big kitchen.

I'm at a walking distance from all the best spots in Seoul- to me at least: the biggest underground shopping mall in Asia (Coex), and the Beverly Hills of Seoul (Apkujeong, where the nice shops and cafes are). It's been a real treat to walk home and look at the fabulous sights, and try new cafes and bakeries.

It's a bit of a subway ride to work (45 minutes), but it's nice, I get to have a morning routine again. Our own apartment is right behind the school (like right in the backyard!), so I don't get to have a relaxing morning time, listening to my ipod, getting a coffee and watch people. I also have a few days off around Christmas, so I'll get to stay in with Aaron and cook real meals, and eat tons of sweets (I got a great package full of candy from my sister).

Fun times!


Emily said...

taking care of a kitten in a nice apartment sounds like just what you need! go treat yourself to some shopping and enjoy your vacation, love!

Rachel said...

You've had a rough time! I hope you feel better and make the most of your mini vacation. You certainly deserve it.

Nicole Marie said...

have a great time!! and relax !

we used to live right across from my school and now live downtown and take me an hour to get to class but it's so worth it and i'm come to really enjoy that hour.

have a great weekend!!

seasonal lust said...

i promise myself that one day I shall be able to go to korea and see the things you mentioned in your blog. in the mean time, enjoy your weekend! report back shortly. =)