Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The End is Near

Although I've sometimes been counting the days to my return home, it just hit me now how close it really is. Only two months left! Yesterday we had a meeting with the school's principal, and he offered us another contract for next year. I was surprised they wanted us to stay, after all the drama we've had this year. Aaron and I happily said no (not because we don't like Korea, but it's time to go back to real life). I think they're probably relieved we're not staying.

So, real life. Kind of scary going back home, not really knowing what I'll be doing. Time to work on my resume, and contact everyone I know, and look for job offers. Ugh. It's exciting though, this year made me realize how much I missed my field and my old job, so hopefully I can find something similar. I had loads of time to think, and loads of time to take it easy this year, so I'm ready and motivated to go back. I don't know if my stint in Korea will hurt or benefit my career- probably a little bit of both. On a personal level, it was probably an amazing thing.

And the school is buying our plane tickets this week- the countdown is officially starting. Must start a list of things to do before leaving Seoul!


Nicole Marie said...

2 months is gonna go by so fast!! wow i just cannot get over what a cool experience that is

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, darling :)

your comments always mean a lot!!

I forgot to mention another favorite Holiday film, WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING ;)



ANDY said...

Hey! I just found your blog and I saw the you were from Montreal.
I loved there for 3 years (went there for few months to "learn" french, ended up meeting someone and dating him for 3 years, so I kinda left uni & everything back home and moved to Montreal, That was in like 2002, but now I live in Amsterdam.
I have this very strange obsession with Montreal tho, I just adore it beyond belief, I wish I was there everysingle day and I miss those days walking on St. Catherine and having a coffee at the second cup by the Atwater metro station, oh well, I actually miss EVERYTHING so if I start writing things down, im probably not going to finish today..
You are lucky you´ll be there in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANDY said...

Oh god yes! The good old days in the Beautiful Montreal, my perfect day used to be going to eaton centre to get a bubble tea at the bottom floor and walk to Urban Outfitters just to spend all day there, lol.

My current bf went to McGill as well, for a semester as an exchange student, thats how I met him and actually got me a job at the cafe-rama inside the shatner building (I hated it tho lol), but I was there for few months..
Oh I miss Montreal! I ve been planning on getting back there for so long!!! I just hope I get around to do it, I need to go back there, I must!

PAM said...

2 months left??! wow!

dear, i promise u its gonna be amazing! :) ..the experience that is! there'll be some adjustments here and there, love and hate relationship at home (sometimes, wishing u never went back!) but YES, we all have to face reality and think where to stay on a more permanent basis :):)

i had thoughts of leaving again somewhere.. but whenever i'm with my friends and family, i kind of set it aside for a while cos i really enjoy home now, esp. its holiday season!!

anyway, make the MOST of ur stay there! :) and maybe u could give us tips on where to go just in case i drop by seoul next year! teehee

seasonal lust said...

good luck on everything! I think you will be fine plus it looks very good on your resume to say that you taught in a foreign country. it almost on the same level as saying you went to the peace corps lol.

your life/blog is a beautiful adventure that i love to follow, so please continue writing about your journeys as you move back too oki?