Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Holidays are usually the most stressful time of the year- at least for me. So much to do, presents to buy, shopping crowds, parties to attend, appropriate attire to find... should be enjoyable, but it always ends up being a burden. Therefore I never really get into the whole Christmas spirit, I'm too busy being worried.

However, this year, I'm happy to announce that I feel pretty merry about Christmas. Which is odd because it's a bit of a sad situation- Aaron and I are all alone in a foreign country, far from our roots, not celebrating with our families, and without traditional foods to be had. Christmas is not a huge holiday in Korea- children get presents, but it's mostly celebrated among couples. The big holiday here is New Years.

I've been dreading Christmas all year- I knew it would be kind of difficult, being so far away from home. But as the time approaches, I feel pretty serene without all the stress and social obligations. I happily went shopping for a few traditional goodies to send to my family, and spent long hours at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf writing Christmas cards to send friends.

And I think my first (and probably last) Christmas in Seoul will be (and should be!) fun. It's a good reason to get together with my friends, stock up on sweets, go out for a decadent meal, and perhaps for a night walking around downtown and admire the city lights. And I'm not all alone, Aaron is here so I'm sure we'll somehow have a blast.


Emily said...

you have such a great outlook on the upcoming holiday. i can only imagine how tough it must be being so far away from home, but you're focusing on all the right things. x

seasonal lust said...

email me your address in Korea please! I am in the midst of sending out holiday cheers. =)

Nicole Marie said...

ditto to emily.
but i'm a little jealous of you. not getting wrapped up in all the holiday rush. Christmas should be relaxing a time to spend time with family. i hate that we put such a emphasis on gifts.

Anonymous said...

You should just try and make the most of local traditions! Of course Christmas won't be the same over there, but you knew that would be the case about lots of things once you started travelling...

Mademoiselle M.