Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A taste of K-Pop

Korean Pop music is horrible... and unfortunately catchy. It's so awful that you can't help but hum along the tunes. Could it be because they always play the same top 10 songs, over and over, for a year? Apparently Korean pop is big all over Asia, with well-known boy-bands, a la Backstreet Boys- young boys that make all the middle school girl's swoon. All-girl bands, such as the Wonder Girls, are also pretty famous: they were featured on Perez Hilton. All Korean songs have a key element: the lyrics are in Korean, but there's always a (cheesy) chorus in English.

Check out K-Pop's biggest hits... a.k.a. the music I HAVE to hear all the time:

ShinEE- they have the funniest dance moves

Enjoy MC Mong with English subtitles

And the hot Wonder Girls, "So Hot"

Now... after listening to some horrid things, check out my boyfriend Aaron's Quietly Loud for some really, really good playlists, mostly from the Montreal music scene. Great picks ;)


Nicole Marie said...

hahahah oh my goodness thats awesome.

seasonal lust said...

lol sadly, k-pop and j-pop are my guilty pleasures. I love hyori, shinhwa (back in the day), Boa, M-flo...oh i could go on! but my taste in music is extremely eclectic. I think im party addicted to kpop and jpop b/c its so glamorous & trendy.

your bf has good taste in music.

Vivian said...

thanks, i'll tell him!

i don't know any of those bands, but i know j-pop is also huge! actually i know hyori, she;s in all the ads in korea, and pretty hot.

♥ fashion chalet said...

It's funny how a song can get stuck in your head for hours and days at a time, even if it's not one of your favorites... "it's a Small world..."

Thanks for your always wonderful blog comments. You really know how to put a bright smile on this girl's face! Thank you. :)