Thursday, November 13, 2008


{Things that cheer me up today}

-hot pink tights
-honey and yogurt
-getting emails
-cold weather
-sleeping in (tomorrow)
-white wine
-going running
-tea (when did i start liking tea?)
-Friday is sometimes bibimbap day at school
-Murakami book to finish

{Things I don't like}

-being tired
-cleaning up
-the alarm
-the sewer smell
-people hogging the sauna at the gym
-laundry taking forever to air dry
-my Mac is unrepairable
-no more Mac 'n Cheese :(

{What I need}

-some sleep
-a Macbook with French keyboard
-to go to a concert
-a haircut
-some fresh air
-Mexican food
-black boots
-to start heating the apartment

*Edit: Today was NOT bibimbap day! It was noodle day. Not so good. But they had oranges as the fruit of the day.

I also went out for Mexican food. And got lots of sleep.


Emily said...

i love your list! hopefully the one with the things you don't like will continue to shorten :)

Kelly said...

your lists are awesome! I LOVE zara too! just can't get enough of it :)

seasonal lust said...

i love that you like murakami!

honey and yogart, must try.

ps. i love that you can speak french.