Friday, November 14, 2008

Starbucks Korea

I love Starbucks! Don't hate me. Makes me feel at home, since it's the same everywhere in the world. Right?

Let's see... Last night I was browsing at a bookstore downtown and I spotted a Starbucks, so I decided to pop in and get a coffee. And I noticed the Christmas beverages are out, which I absolutely love: Gingerbread, Candy Cane, and Eggnog lattes. Yum.

I was all excited at the prospect of having my first Gingerbread latte of the season, but it's nowhere to be found! No Eggnog either! No Candy Cane! Instead, the Christmas beverages in Korea are the Toffee Nut latte and Dark Cherry latte. Hmmmm. I snubbed them and just ordered a simple cappuccino.

Is it only in Korea, or everywhere else in the world? Are they gone forever? I guess Eggnog and Gingerbread are probably not very popular on the Asian market, so it makes sense they have different options. They actually look pretty scrumptious and I'm willing to give it a try, once I get over the initial culture shock.

Starbucks, Starbucks... I was counting on you to give me a taste of home. Alright, guess I'm off to get a Dark Cherry latte.


{michelle} said...

Dark Cherry latte? We definitely don't have those, love the Korean Starbucks ads, Starbucks is taking over the globe.

seasonal lust said...

i dont think asians would even know what eggnog or gingerbread is.

i've actually still have never had eggnog in my life. =(

Lisa said...

Oh... ok I found your blog yesterday and have read through ALL of it.. it's fascinating... found it through TFS, if you were wondering :]

Anyway, I think it must be a sign that I found your blog (and you're a fellow Québécoise too, wow!) because for the past 4 weeks I've been saying how I want to go teach English in Japan, or China... and now I read about your Korea experience and really, I'm starting to get attracted to the idea of Seoul!

But yeah, basically, I was going to make a useful comment on this post. I'm in France right now and we have these new flavours too. I was SO disappointed. The cherry thing looks disgusting! And toffee nut here is called "crème brûlée", which isn't so bad but it's really, really sweet.

So hey, I look forward to commenting on your posts from now on :)

Vivian said...

Hi Lisa~!

Thanks for your comments- do you have a link to your blog? I cannot access it by clicking on your name :(

I'm glad you enjoy it- living here is a lot of fun, but also very difficult. I'm glad I did it though, I don't regret it.

I miss Montreal a lot, though ;)

Lisa said...

Hey! I don't actually have a blog, I just use this to comment on friends' blogs every once in a while :)

Your experience is really inspiring, but I can totally see how you miss Montreal! Personally, I haven't been away that long and I'm really craving poutine (well, today)... but going abroad is still one of the best things ever, so it kind of makes up for the homesickness :)