Friday, November 7, 2008

Mac 'n Cheese a la Seoul

I had been staring at my boxes of Mac 'n Cheese all week, looking forward to the perfect moment to open one and devour it. Last night was the perfect evening, I was tired from a busy but fun week (showing Seoul around to my sister was great, I got to see all my favorite spots from a different perspective, made things exciting again).

However I was missing one crucial ingredient: butter. Butter is not commonly used in Korea, but it's available at bigger grocery stores. Yet it doesn't taste very creamy, and I won't settle for "I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter" stuff.

I decided to use plain yogurt instead of butter, and I loved the result. The taste is a bit more tangy, and it's definitely a healthier option. Aaron didn't like it, he said it was too weird for him, but then again he doesn't like any kind of yogurt. I definitely recommend trying, if you're looking for a change, or live in a place where butter is scarce.

{I still cannot believe I haven't eaten butter in 8 months, I used to have a little bit every day- crazy how some staple foods just become AWOL once you move abroad. Makes you appreciate it so much more... I keep telling my friends that when I go back home, I'll probably spend 3 hours at the grocery store just staring at all the variety of food and exclaim ooh and aah!}

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Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh that sounds sooo good right now!!!! and good choice on the yogurt! ill have to try that next time!

when i got back from italy i went to the grocery store and had a mini panic attack by all the stuff. i had to just walk out without buying anything and refused to go back for over a month!