Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lying on the floor

One of the best things about Korea is the heated floors. Every house or apartment (even the shabby ones like mine) come equipped with the heated floors. Yes, heated floors all over- isn't it considered a somewhat luxury back home?

The ondol system has been around for ages, that's how they used to heat palaces. It's been used as an exclusive living space for sitting, eating, sleeping and pastimes, in most Korean homes.

I've always been a fan of sitting or sleeping on the floor, even back home (mostly due to a lack of furniture in my case). I still prefer to sleep on the mattress directly on the floor, Asian-style. Here in Korea, we usually sit on the floor to watch television or to enjoy a meal around our low table. We put a few cushions around, and it's very cozy (despite the all-brown decor).

Sometimes when it was very cold last winter, we'd just lie right on the floor and fall asleep there, since it was so warm. Or after a rough day at school, there's nothing better than just lying on the floor for a little while.

{Note: The apartment pictured above is NOT my current apartment. Oh no. That was the guest house they had us stay in during our first week here, while they were getting our apartment "ready". I promise I'll post some pictures when I leave, I know everyone is dying to see my amazing decor ;)}


seasonal lust said...

i love laying on the floor!! heated floors? oh i could use some here. we live in a condo on the first floor so our floors get pretty cold in the winter. =(

can't wait to see your pictures!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Heated floors? Sounds promising. Especially to a puppy, who would probably nap all day on it. :)

Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog, I appreciate them, because they never cease to put a smile on my face. I'm just glad you find my outfits beautiful and elegant (what a wonderfully nice thing to say!)

Kelly said...

heated floors!!! i want some! they sound fun :) can't wait to see pics of your place!

Adrian Monk said...

So every Korean have to take their shoes off when they come in their home. I also do that! :)

Vivian said...

Yes, definitely taking the shoes off, so you can lie and sit on a clean floor!

As for my apartment, it's really not exciting, in fact I just promised pictures since it's so ugly (we did not choose it) and i'm too embarrassed to show it now!

Nicole Marie said...

no way!!! that's awesome!! so lucky!!