Saturday, November 22, 2008

Muji Muji

Sweden has H&M, and Japan Uniqlo. Sweden has Ikea, and Japan... Muji.

The first time we walked into Muji, Aaron said: "Uh oh. This store looks like your apartment in Montreal".

Muji is my latest obsession. I discovered the store while in Tokyo, and they sell everything from stationery to housewares, toiletries, clothing, furniture, electronics, food and more. The clothes are a mix between Gap and Uniqlo, and their furniture redefines simplicity: plain and unadorned. The store is also environmentally-friendly, using very little packaging.

They have stores all over Seoul, and every time I go shopping I spend hours browsing all of their products. Unfortunately I cannot buy any kind of furniture since I'm leaving shortly, so every visit is bittersweet. Not as cheap as Ikea, but quite affordable.

The name Muji is short for Mujirushi Ryohin, which translates as "no brand, good product."

Here's a look:


Nicole Marie said...

ooo that throw looks heavenly. i would ave serious problems walking in there and not being able to buy furniture!!

i love ikea, and anything like it!

J said...

very minimalist. but i like!

Anonymous said...

omg! i NEED that little crystal/acrylic reindeer!

Vivian said...

They do have a few shops in NYC, and some in Europe. You can order online, too!

seasonal lust said...

i think i need to see a picture of your place in montreal. pronto. i am visiting Muji next time I go to nyc.

i am a minimalist at heart, but i always have trouble keeping things from cluttering up. I tend to be a pack rat... its actually only with clothes. i have wayyy too much clothes and no smart real way to organize/store them all.

how does one stay so minimalist and neat? you must share your secrets. =)

Vivian said...

I'll post pictures of my place sometime- it's very small, but cozy and very simple. It's mostly Ikea furniture, but I love the look.

I also have a lot of clothes, but I don't keep anything for too long- if I don't wear it I give it away, I try to not accumulate too much, and I store everything away in drawers and closets so it's not lying around... I just don't like to see too much stuff around me (but if you open my closet it's a real mess, haha).

seasonal lust said...

you're so disciplined! I always have clothes on the ground after trying on a few outfits before going out.