Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Pepero Day (aka Pocky)

Pepero sticks are the Korean version of Japanese Pocky, and one of the best snacks in Asia. Apparently so tasty that they have a full day dedicated to the celebration of the chocolate stick- which is fine by me.

Pepero Day is similar to Valentines' Day, and is observed by young couples and students who exchange boxes of Pepero and other candies. They chose the date (11/11) since it resembles 5 sticks of Pepero. Interesting!

I like holidays in Korea. It means tons of candy from the kids, and I've been a longtime fan of Pocky.

Have a Pocky! It's hard to eat just one.


Nicole Marie said...

I love the chocolate american version of those!

and yes you need a puppy when you get back

Adrian Monk said...

A lot of Koreans are being afraid of this event because Peperos have some bad things. (I don't know the name of the ingredient. Something like "Melamin"?)

Vivian said...

yes, melamine! it's the big scare right now in Korea, but i think it can only be in products made in China.

however, it did not seem to stop the kids from eating the snacks, they had so much!!!

seasonal lust said...

pocky's are delicious!

my girlfriend just recently left the states to teach in korea and her facebook status read 'happy pepero day.' This post just explained it for me. lol. thanks!

The Phoenix said...

I love pockys! They remind me of after school snack time in Oman..

Kelly said...

mmm pocky is SO yummy. america needs that holiday!