Saturday, November 1, 2008

Haircut + Korea= Scary

The dreaded time has finally come. Time to get a haircut. People warned me: a haircut in Korea does not always give you the... expected results. I've been letting my hair grow for now eight months (gasp!) with only two trims at one of the local hairdresser shops (there is a hair shop on every single corner here).

Both times, the experience was a bit scary. The hairdresser did not speak a single word or English, and I don't know any hair-related Korean words, so the exchange would consist of gestures. Both times I watched as the hairdresser awkwardly manipulated my (thick) mane, perhaps nervous to handle Western hair for the first time. Did I mention the other 5 salon employees were standing around, watching the whole thing? Kind of puts you on the spot.

However the trim was very fast and professional, they obviously know what they're doing and have a great technique. But when it came to blow dry my hair (3 people holding hair dryers, wow!!) and style it, the final result was a bit disappointing.

So, last night I got sick of my ever growing fringe, so with a little liquid courage (Japanese Asahi beer) I picked up the (kindergarten) scissors and stated cutting away, going quite scissor-happy.

The fringe is actually great, I'm quite proud. However I still need to make an appointment for a "real" haircut, and thankfully some fellow foreign friends made some recommendations for good stylists that are trained for Western hair.

Wow. Did I really spend a whole entry about hair? I'm very, very particular when it comes to my hair.


Nicole Marie said...

hahahah i can't tell you the number of times i've chopped up my bangs because i was just so sick of them. at least yours turned out cute!!

Kelly said...

hair is very important!!!! a whole entry is just fine :)

seasonal lust said...

i cut my own hair all the time!! i think i recently cut my bangs wayyyy too short. le sigh.

but yes, i've been cutting my own hair since....high school!...and i love the control it gives me because im too much of a pushover to tell the hairstylist that I dont like the direction he/she is going in.

you are in luck in korea!! I would love to get my hair cut there since they're soooo much more up-to-date on the latest trends (esp in the lower end shops) that you usually come out looking great. for all of its emphasis on the superficial things, korea is def good for certain things.

Adrian Monk said...

When you cut your hair. (In Korea)
If you bring a picture about the hairstyle that you want, You'll get a better result.