Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cosmopolitan, Reese's, and Mac 'n Cheese

Those three things were my only requests from America. My sister is visiting me this week in Seoul (thank goodness, finally a visitor!) and she asked me if I had any requests of what to bring me. She is hailing from San Francisco and all I could think of was Mac 'n Cheese, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Cosmo magazine. Those are practically impossible to find in Korea, or if you find them you have to pay extra.

I think Cosmo is probably the most ridiculous magazine out there, but for some reason it;s a guilty pleasure of mine. With titles like "Lose Weight While You Eat", "5 Times U Shouldn't Text Him!", and "Am I Normal Down There?", I'm happily settled for a few hours of (not-so-secret anymore) reading and savoring every single page. I enjoy this welcoming break from Murakami.

As for the Mac 'n Cheese, it's always been my comfort food, and looks like I'm set for a few months with two huge "family size" boxes of the orange stuff.



Nicole Marie said...

I agree Cosmo is a ridiculous magazine, every issue is basically the same and yet I buy it off the newstand every single month!! haha.

ohh mac and cheeese. thanks now im craving it

Have fun with your sister!

Vivian said...

lol, i hear ya- i spent all of last night browsing through the issues and even reading the embarrassing stories, it was a delight!!

Kelly said...

yay for sisters visiting! there's nothing like the company of a sister especially when you've been away from home for so long :)

p.s. I agree with you and Nik. Cosmo is a guilty pleasure for sure!