Monday, November 3, 2008


Another thing I love about shopping in Korea is the selection of international stores that we don't even have in Canada. My latest obsession: Accessorize. Hailing from London, it carries everything you need (or think you need) to complete an outfit. I've always been scared of accessories: there is too much to choose from, and I tend to only focus on the clothes part. And I don't like having to search frantically for the perfect belt or bracelet. And I'm a snob, I hate when things look cheap, but I can't afford expensive things either.

Enter Accessorize: it's a small store that carries everything I need, and I like every single item: handbags, mittens, earrings, tights, even hats. It's very affordable and looks adorable. And to make things even better, their campaign model is Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (daughter of French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld), one of my favorite style icons, and the most beautiful girl in my book.

I'm loving my latest purchase, my striped pink, brown, and cream mittens. I just cannot believe it took me a whole 8 months to find out about this store. I'll miss it when I go back home.


Kelly said...

Oh I completely agree about accessories! they make an outfit and make me feel so pretty :) That store looks so cute! I wish we had one here!

Rachel said...

Jealous! Those pictures are great. I usually end up relying on Forever 21, but this looks like a serious cut above that.