Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Stalker

Is it considered stalking when someone calls you eleven times in the span of 24 hours?

So I keep running into this guy from the gym in my neighborhood. Whenever I finish my workout and head home, I run into him on the street and we make small talk, he seemed like a pretty nice guy. And by small talk, I mean literally SMALL talk. I think I know more Korean words than he knows English, so you can imagine the conversations. I think I made it pretty clear that I had a boyfriend, pointing to Aaron at the gym, and explaining we came to Korea to work together.

Last night I ran into him again, and after a short exchange (I was trying to explain that I was an English teacher), he asked me for my digits. Which is completely normal when you meet Koreans, you usually have plenty of new phone numbers every now and then. I imagine he wants to befriend more foreigners to practice his English, or to just learn about another culture- it's always hard to tell. Does he want free lessons or a new gym friend?

That happened at 9pm last night. He since called AND texted me eleven times.

9:20 last night: Hello! Coffee Bean Friday??
7:29 this morning: HELLO HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!
6:37 tonight: YOU GO GYM TONIGHT??????

I only texted back once, saying I was missing the gym tonight, and he kept calling and calling afterwards, I had to turn off my phone (and miss the gym since I don't feel like seeing him either).

It's kind of hilarious but freaky. I wonder if he's done calling and texting for today?


Emily said...

haha! oh Vivian, i don't mean to laugh at your situation, but i know that Aaron will keep you safe. this is too funny. hopefully he'll get the point!

Vivian said...

haha i know, it's actually really funny, Aaron cannot believe it. it gives us a good laugh, i don't think he is dangerous.... just annoying!

Nicole Marie said...

haha you definetly have a stalker!! good think you have someone to protect you! sheesh. its hard enough giving men the hint when you speak the same language!!

Vivian said...

haha! i wonder how i'll explain any of that to him, i'll need a translator!