Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Green pumpkins and Halloween

Thank goodness I love Seoul, I have amazing friends, and that I enjoy teaching the kids so much. The situation with the school is not getting any better, too many cultural differences and communication problems and "pretending" and "showing face" and "saving face". Argh!!

On to something fun. Halloween is not very big in Korea, although all the kids know about it. They don't trick or treat or dress up, but they carve pumpkins. And, pumpkins are green here- I have yet to see an orange one. Kind of odd.

I did tell my International Class (my group of super smart second graders) they should dress up today and bring candy. My Korean supervisor stated they should only bring "one accessory", otherwise it might interfere with their "learning"(I'm rolling my eyes as I'm typing this). I told them they should dress up and go all out with candy, I think it should be fun... they're 8 yr-old kids who know more about science than I do.

As for Seoul, I think there are plenty of celebrations going on in the popular nightlife areas. I'm not sure I'll be going out to bars, I'd rather have a house party (but not in my apartment). I'm dying for an occasion to wear the kimono I got in Japan (along with the tiny wooden matching shoes), even though I'll get so much hate from Koreans ;)

Alright, off to marking piles and piles of midterms. I actually enjoy marking tests, reminds me of when I was little and I'd play teacher. I guess I get to play again for one year.


Kelly said...

i love your blog! your adventure is lovely to read about :) i hope the kids have fun!

Nicole Marie said...

I used to want to be a teacher just so I could grade papers! haha

I need to see a picture of these green pumpkins. I'm having a hard time picturing pumpkins as anything but orange!

Vivian said...

I'll take some tonight when I go to the market!