Monday, September 1, 2008


Sorry for the lack of regular updates... after a short hiatus, the Korean government is back to blocking quite a few websites, and although I found a way around it (wink wink), it's been more difficult and especially challenging to post pictures. I'm also back from the summer madness, so that should help. Back to good ol' teaching as of last week, but it's been going smoothly so far. I'm used to it by now, I don't stress out too much about my preparation and I don't get as upset when kids don't listen to me. I also love to see their expression when I blurt out a few Korean words (I know about 25 Korean words by now, not very impressive, but I can read the alphabet). I think they get intimidated and believe I can understand what they are saying, so they don't talk so much behind my back. Kids are also teaching me so much, I can ask them anything about the language or culture, they give the best, most honest answers. I also don't stress out too much about attending last-minute "surprise" school functions: "We have a dinner right after school" my K supervisor says. "Um, I have an appointment, sorry" (that is, after asking where it takes place and whether it's worth going or not). It's been a lot more enjoyable to not worry about what everyone else thinks.

I've been quite busy so I've been forgetting a bit about my homesickness. I figured a big part of it is caused by this awful (yes, shitty) apartment we live in. It sucks to come home to a place you don't want to be, a place that still feels disgusting even when it's clean, where the walls are falling apart and where cockroaches like to hang out. Yes, it's nasty. Apparently cockroaches are not a big deal in Korea, everyone has them or something, I still don't think it's normal. Our windows screens are teared up so we also share our mansion with countless mosquitoes, so we have to keep the windows shut as much as possible. And the air con is pricey, so it goes as follow: either I spend all night sweating but with no mosquitoes, OR I sleep well with a breeze but wake up with the biggest mosquito bites ever. And Korean mosquitoes are vicious!! Sometimes I look like I went camping in the woods for 2 weeks. Yea, so summer in Korea has been a bit brutal with the insane weather and little visitors. I dream of my all-white Montreal apartment, with my white couch, my white bed, and my white computer. My place here is brown and dusty. Ew. Aaron and I laugh so much about its ugliness that it has become a running joke.

On the bright side (there's always a bright side in Korea), the weather has cooled down a bit with some rain and less humidity in general, it's already September, and I'm keeping rather busy. I met a lot of new friends over the summer, so I've been making a lot of little play dates. Makes me feel like I really live here. I know Seoul pretty well by now, and it's nice to navigate the subway system without getting lost and knowing about the good places. I feel like there is still so much to discover, which I will spend my weekends doing for my last 5 months. Yes, the countdown has (un)officially started, I'm at the halfway point now. Sometimes I can't believe I've been living here for 6 months already, time flies by. I'm also getting excited by some family visiting in the fall, and perhaps a Tokyo weekend in the works... yes.

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