Monday, September 22, 2008


I was just talking to one of my best friends on the phone this morning, and we couldn't believe we didn't hear each other's voice for 7 months! It made me feel so good and feel so much closer, and instead of feeling homesick I got excited about returning to Montreal and what I'm missing the most. It inspired me to create a lists of my hometown favorites. Here's what I'll do on my first few days back in Montreal (not necessarily in that order):

*take a real shower (ie. in a bathtub, and not over a toilet)
*have my favorite brunch at la Croissanterie (eggs, crepes, spanakopita, fruit, maple syrup) with my best friends.
*go to PA (fruit store) and buy CHEAP fruit, and all different kinds.
*go for a night run in Outremont while window-shopping on Laurier street.
*bake, bake, bake: cupcakes, brownies, date squares... anything to use an oven.
*go have dinner at a "bring your own wine" place with my friends
*go eat my mom's homemade food!!!!!!!!
*lie under my down comforter
*go walk around Old Montreal
*walk up and down boul. St-Laurent
*have a smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's
*go to my gym and use ANY cardio machine... other than a treadmill with no incline.
*shop at h&m (the only store Korea does not have)
*get a real haircut from Vanessa at Queen of the World
*share a bottle of wine and watch Friends episodes with my roommate
*eat real maple syrup. real butter. and fresh brie.
*speak French
*take a stroll on Mont-Royal
*eat some fresh bagels from St-Viateur with smoked salmon
*dry my clothes in a dryer
*get some spa treatments at Spa Diva
*go walk around Holt Renfrew
*buy underwear that is not extra-padded or covered in ribbons and bows
*go to a free gig with Aaron and the rest of the hipsters in the Mile-End
*drink Pabst at Korova with my friends(and the rest of the hipsters)

So many things. But i'm now working on a list of things that i'll miss from Seoul, and i think it's going to be even longer.


Mimi said...

Montreal is such a great city.I would like to live their after finishing school.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Your comment was really great!! Thank you :) especially since I was "trying out something new" on the blog, I was a bit weary. But after all of this wonderfully positive feedback, expect more experimentation in the blog!! ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

The Phoenix said...

Everything that is Montreal because we made it that-


Anonymous said...

I love montreal...I used to take ballet lessons off of Bleury Street!
It was many many years ago...but I have such excellent memories of that city!


Cate said...

It's great, how you can talk to friedns after half a year and it's still the same.
your favourite brunch sounds delicious!
I love to bake...and I love cupcakes.
Oh and Mum's food...I'm hungry now.