Monday, August 25, 2008

Thailand, and the end of the best summer ever.

Back home, finally. Well, home for the next (and last) 6 months, seems like the fun part is over. I hope not. Thailand was a lot of fun: a sunny beach vacation in a tropical location. I must admit, it took me a few days to warm up to Thailand. I had never been in Southeast Asia, and it's culturally very different. It's a major change from Korea and Japan, where everything is orderly and rather conservative. Thailand seemed chaotic, loud, and people are more pushy. The beaches are amazing, just like the postcards. But you turn your head away, and the sights are depressing. Sad, poverty-stricken, not so clean. A country still recovering from the natural disasters that hit it not too long ago.

I did (very much) warm up to it though. The food was amazing: the fruit is plentiful and fresh, a real treat when you come from Korea, where fruit is very scarce and overpriced. I had the most delicious fruit smoothies and delectable pineapple, papaya, watermelon, and coconut. I looked forward to every single meal, and Thailand knows how to make good Western food. Yes, I know, sounds a bit bad to be eating Western food in Thailand, but I've been deprived for a little while. I obviously enjoyed the local dishes such as pad thai and cashew chicken, and the food is quite cheap in general.

The highlight of the trip was the scuba diving. I had never been before, so it was new and exciting. We dived in the beautiful turquoise waters surrounding Koh Phi Phi. The first moments underwater were terrifying, but I got used to it quickly and absolutely adored it. I saw the most colorful banks of fish and coral from up close.

We also did some kayaking, climbing, snorkeling, and cave hunting. I finally got some rest on the beaches, although I got bored really quickly. Maybe I'm not a beach person, I prefer my trips to be in bigger cities. I did have a great time though, but it's good to be back in Seoul. I also got insanely homesick while in Thailand (about Montreal), I have no idea why it had to hit me there, but I just wanted to wake up and be in Montreal. I blame it on too much traveling lately, it makes you lose a sense of home I guess.


Fashion Is Poison said...

so wish i was there!

Emily said...

that beach is unreal. and all that tropical fruit??? *sigh* but i'd be worried that i'd never want to visit my local beach after going there.