Monday, July 7, 2008

sunday brunch (and saturday cocktails)

i really miss "la croissanterie" in montreal, where my friends and i used to go for sunday brunch, or late-evening coffee. i've been longing for that kind of place in seoul, and i finally found it. it's a belgian café where they serve good coffee, waffles, crêpes, and all that good stuff. i found myself there early sunday morning.... the sun was shining too hard in my bedroom, i got up at 8am and decided i needed a waffle:

the best thing is, they have a sunny terrasse overlooking the gorgeous, stylish ann demeulesmeester store. maybe it's a belgian quarter, i don't know. i can't afford anything in that store (the cheapest item is a 210$ tank top), but i love the architecture:

i walked around so much to find it, i wanted to show it to aaron, but my sense of orientation is awful and i had no idea where it was anymore... "oooh i think it's here... wait... no... oh i don't know anymore". typical vivian.

and saturday night i got introduced to this amazing bistro, part paris, part new york city:

the places you can stumble upon in seoul... the surprises never end. i love it, i love it!

(and as for "la croissanterie", aaron re-created his own version of the breakfast crêpe, which is even better than the original one).


Emily said...

these are such fabulous pictures and i'm so happy for you that you've found a temporary fix for your waffle cravings while you're away from home!

Paris Tarts said...

I want waffles!! And I love that building thats covered in vines.

Check out my blog sometime :)



I love vanilla waffles for breakfast too. yummy* Gorgeous surroundings.