Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer madness

august is almost here, which means a full month of (paid) vacation. what's not to love? the first few months have been pretty rough at times (homesickness, food, school issues), but finally i feel like the reward is coming so, so soon. the whole reason i came to korea... to see the world. or at least a part of it.

right now we're almost done with the summer camp madness. summer camp is like day camp: we teach intensive english classes in the morning, then have games and field trips in the afternoon. it's actually a lot of fun, i must admit. but so much work, i'm exhausted. it reminds me of my days spent as a camp counselor, it's fun to live those moments again. in the morning i teach my international class for three straight hours. my international class is a small group of eleven (very) smart grade 2 kids. i teach them language arts (stories, grammar, writing), science and fitness (which i know nothing about, i just pretend i do). i've been teaching them every single afternoon for the whole semester, so i feel pretty close to them, it's my own little classroom. summer camp is also good in the sense that i can sleep in an extra hour, and next week we only have mornings.

the week has been crazy hectic for another reason: booking the whole japan trip. so much to do in advance, and japan is so, so expensive. the ferry fare to cross the pond between korea and japan almost gave me a mini heart attack (it's a quick 3-hour trip). the japan rail pass fare also made me gasp... but it's all worth it. trains in japan are proably the most efficient in the world. we knew it was possible to do japan on a budget, but that meant a lot of research. we finally finished booking everything tonight, it feels so good. we'll stay in a bunch of different places to experience everything: youth hostels in kyoto(i've never been in a youth hostel, not even when i was in europe! i'm excited but anxious a bit, i mean, a mixed dorm?!), some regular hotels in fukuoka, a capsule hotel in tokyo (for the experience.... kind of scary but should be interesting), and even a traditional japanese ryokan guest house (you sleep on the floor, you wear the japanese gown, and take the traditional baths). we still have to list everything we want to see, on top of attending tokyo's summer sonic music festival as vip guests, thanks to aaron's job. should be a blast.

so much to organize but hopefully it's all worth it. alright, now off to bed. summer fun is officially kicking in this weekend with another music festival, seoul's pentaport. i'm officially attending as a 'photographer'(chuckles), and aaron gets to interview a band.

bonne nuit!

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B said...

Sounds exciting, have a fun holiday!