Friday, July 4, 2008

red and white: canada day

in honour of the first of july, us canadians abroad celebrated our country, in true canadian fashion: BBQ on the rooftop terrasse, miller genuine draft beer, and fake flag tattoos. a bit on the trashy side, which was the beauty of it. "real" western food from Costco (salad, a bunch of fruit and veggies, hot dogs, chicken). lazy sunday afternoon, a bit cloudy but very, very hot. i don't think there is a way to ever escape the seoul heat actually, it's just getting worse. we invited our korean and south african friends and introduced them to a bit of canadian culture, they seemed to really enjoy it. our korean friend actually came back later asking for more canadian-themed party favours. we used our rooftop terrasse- koreans usually only use the roof to hang laundry or store kimchi pots, but us canadians saw the full potential of it: the perfect venue for a party, and hopefully many more summer night get-togethers.


B said...

Just wanted to say I have been reading all your posts, I am hoping to go to Korea sometime to teach English, so it is great to see a foreigners perspective.

vivian said...

oh, thanks! i hope it happens for you, i don't regret it at all (even on bad korea days!)

don't hesitate if you have any questions. your blog is great, too!

Rose said...

it's great to see your're enjoying yourself! haha, you guys are really going healthy huh, i see lots of veggies.

and...hope you don't mind that my response is a little too late, i love that dress too! and i'm hooked on american apparel. lol

Anyway, stay in touch and take care;)

an nyung~

Emily said...

hey there! please check out my blog when you have a sec since i've tagged you!