Saturday, July 26, 2008

pentaport: the music

"and all the rainy days, they ain't so bad when you're the king... the king they want to see"

(kings of leon)

pictures: dressed for the part. the muddy, muddy banks. new korean friends. the vines: easy on the eyes, not-so-easy on the ears. the music, including new moves from robert harvey. korean coolness.

i should be sleeping right now after pulling an all-nighter and getting back from a 2-hour subway ride all the way from incheon. summer fun has officially kicked in with
pentaport music festival, here are the highlights.

the good:

'the music'(the band, that is), the dj area, the rain (yes, it adds fun to a festival), the rainboots, the cool people we met (koreans and foreigners), the people-watching, getting a press pass, getting to be so close to the artists, the movies shown, being interviewed and photographed by the korean media, the mud (when you have rainboots), getting free stuff (towels and bracelets), how young koreans are always so well-behaved, generous and kind, and just being at a summer music festival in korea.

the not-so-good:

not very foreigner-friendly (laguage difficulties especially, food), not the best line-up possible (i mean, the band 'travis' headlining?! odd choice). although the band 'the gossip' pleasantly surprised me. i was expecting to dislike them very much, thought they were lame, but was one of the best acts. that girl has more energy than myself on any given day at the gym.

good times, good times.

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