Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my favourite reads

when i entered the blogging world a few months ago, i never thought i'd make so many great discoveries. i enjoy getting a peek into other people's lives.... what they like, what they wear, where they travel, what they eat. here are my favourite daily reads:

the lovely emily from cupcakes and cashmere, my top pick, actually mentioned me on her own. she writes about everything: fashion, food, home decor, lifestyle. she always posts the best finds, and i love her writing style. thanks emily!

then there's pammish from cuervogirl. she is also an expat, living in shanghai, so in many ways i can relate to how she feels. and she wears amazing clothes.

to continue on with my fashion obsession, i love fashion is poison. the girl has the best sense of style and the most adorable pictures.

and totally un-related to fashion, is my breakfast love expressed here: simply breakfast. she has the most simple, beautiful pictures that make me want to eat breakfast all day long.

and lastly, aaron's quietly loud: my boyfriend's own tales of living abroad, and other great reads stemming from his love of music. i especially enjoy reading his early entries, when he spent time in korea for his first trip two years ago. his stories makes me laugh and i can also relate to it so much, as i am going through my first experience here as a newbie.



Jay said...

Its weird i enjoy some of the same blogs{lol

Raggamuffin said...

good picks !

♥ fashion chalet said...

i love emily <3

thetinylittlegirl said...

oh thanks! i love discovering new blogs :-)

PAM said...

oh thanks for mentioning me! :)
blogging also helped me in many ways :) hehe u know! :)