Thursday, July 31, 2008

mushi mushi

off to the enemy land this weekend: "teacher, japan is bad! i don't like japan", one of my students told me this morning. i can understand this kind of statement after spending the last few days reading the history of both korea and japan. very interesting (and tragic at times). just reading a country's history is so helpful when it comes to understanding their cultural beliefs, and where some kinds of behaviors stem from. all of a sudden, so many things started to make sense.

the last week has been exhausting, but also very exciting. we brushed elbows with a pretty famous korean band, Sogyumo Acacia Band. aaron interviewed them after seeing their amazing performance at pentaport, and hopes to be able to bring them to the Pop Montreal Festival next year (that's where he works). the interview was so pleasant, i just tagged along for the ride. we had a meal with them, then coffee. i was amazed to learn that they love sonic youth and neil young. you can read the interview here, i helped aaron remember all the details and posed as a photographer.

alright, i'm off to packing my belongings needed for 2 weeks in a school-sized backpack. sounds a bit scary to me. i keep staring at the backpack suspiciously, wondering how i'll survive with that amount of clothes. wait, only one pair of shoes?!


Pedro J. Baena Luna said...

original, really.. how is Seul?.. I like know it, ill go next year .. greetings from spain, pedro

PAM said...

keep us posted! :)

the china vs tawain vs japan vs china is really interesting.. u cud actually see it in the people, how they react to it!