Sunday, July 13, 2008

gettin' dirty at the mud festival

the idea of spending the weekend in the mud with a horde of drunken foreigners is not the most appealing idea for me, but i couldn't really miss it either. it's a once in a lifetime experience, and getting dirty could be fun, right?

the mud festival is an annual event that takes place at daechon beach, on korea's west coast. basically, the town has way too much mud, which they can't really use, so they just throw a big party every summer. it's definitely more popular for the foreign crowd (a.k.a. us), but nowadays many young koreans seem to participate in the festivities.

we packed our oldest clothes and headed for the beach on saturday morning. the streets of what looks like a resort in florida were already swarming with muddy esl teachers (and a few koreans). i think the korean papparazzi was invited as well: i've never seen so many photographers trying to capture every moment, or rather every foreigner covered in mud. we changed into our swimsuits and got dirty: the mud slide, the mud bath, the mud massage, the mud wrestling. it was so much fun to watch.

the weather was scorching hot (as usual), so it was nice to be able to swim in the sea and wash off the mud.... only to get get muddy again. we managed to have a great time (while remaining dignified of course). the best part (after the mud) was when we hung out on the beach late at night to watch amazing fireworks.



that looks so fun, is it a trampoline? i love those. thanks for your comment, sweetie. xx

Jay said...

Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment{ it truely made me smile{lol