Friday, June 13, 2008

summer time

thanks to some tech-savvy pals, i figured out a way to log in, and to see all my favourite websites, mouhahaha. the weather has been so, so hot lately, and apparently it's not even that hot for korea. hmmm, can't wait to see what summer will be like.

i'm getting so excited these days, so many fun things are coming up. the school year ends in july, but the next month will be rather easy: final exams, and 2 weeks of camp. when i first heard there was a camp with the kids, i panicked a little bit at the thought of sleeping in a cabin on bunk beds and waking up at the crack of dawn and running around kids all day. (although i was a camp counselor for several summers, it's a scary thought). fortunately, 'summer camp' in korea means 'intensive english camp' on the school grounds: lots of outdoor activities, field trips, arts and crafts, movies, and writing classes. i think it will be interesting, get to know the kids on other levels.

then... one month of vacation in august! aaron and i are off to tokyo, to the summer sonic music festival... then we'll spend some time visiting the rest of japan. i've always dreamed of going to japan, especially see tokyo. i can't imagine how amazing it will be. and yes, i get to live another 'lost in translation' moment, perhaps stock up on some hello kitty goods (i've always wanted the toaster), and visit sofia coppola's store, milkfed. and eat japanese food- i'm not too familiar with their cuisine, except for sushi. and just experience japanese culture, which i know is very, very different from korean culture.

then... off to thailand for a beach vacation. i can't even remember the last time i actually swam in the ocean, i think it was ages ago. so when i have 'bad korea' days, i remind myself of all the good sides of being here. and honestly the 'bad korea' days are not happening as much these days, i think i'm past the homesickness. i cannot believe i've been here for almost 4 months, time really flies.


Honor said...

You're coming to Tokyo - yay! Fantastic place - I love it - have lived here since 2001. And a beach holiday in Thailand - mmmmmmmm happy thoughts.

Sounds like you are going to have a ball. Want to know a little about food in Tokyo this page is good Tokyo Food

Just be ready for the heat - but I guess Korea is pretty similar? I'm not sure.

Fashion Is Poison said...

tokyo sounds so perfect right now. oh and thailand! hmmm the beach <3

Emily said...

i can't wait to hear about your adventures in thailand! i just saw 'brokedown palace' last night...i highly recommend you don't watch it prior to your little vacay ;)

vivian said...

lol really?!! i think the thailand trip will be mostly the beach, i just want to get some sun and relax!

on the other hand, the tokyo + rest of japan trip will be more touristy, i can't wait to see the japanese fashion!

Honor said...

You've got to go to Harajuku and Shibuya to see the funkiest fashions - great people watching!

vivian said...

oh thanks for the tips... i definitely will! and the tokyo food guide will be quite helpful, too :)