Sunday, June 22, 2008

(not so) mindless banter

tonight we went out to a nice café to watch a soccer game: north korea vs. south korea. quite a big deal i imagine. the game was not so exciting, and the final score was 0-0. i get the feeling that north korea is a delicate subject when i bring it up with koreans. my students insist that korea is one country (north and south). i think that the general feeling is that they're hoping for re-unification. but then again, what do i know. i never got really in depth with the topic. sometimes i can't believe that north korea is only a short hour ride away from seoul. so close, yet such a different world. i'm quite fascinated by it, but not sure i actually want to go there. it's tempting, but not worth the risk i think. in the meantime i enjoyed the vice magazine documentary about n. korea, it's quite interesting:

in other news, i finally invested in a french press and some coffee beans from starbucks. paying 5$ for a cup of filtered coffee at the coffee bean & tea leaf is just not worth it anymore. coffee is actually a fairly new trend in korea. coffee houses are popping up everywhere, and major american chains are taking over. aaron was saying that when he was here two years ago, there weren't so many cafés. maybe that's the reason why it's so pricey. i'm already excited for the morning now, i don't have to get up 20 min early to go out or miss out and have to drink the instant coffee at school. now all i need is a toaster oven (to compensate for the lack of an oven) and i'll be all set.

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