Monday, June 30, 2008

korean randomness

i was going through the pictures on a website dedicated to funny observations of foreigners in korea... here are my favourites:

random mascot in the subway. koreans love animation and anything cartoon-ish or animal-related:

the 'bug fogger'. i've actually experienced it, kinda scary. a motorcycle comes full speed, spraying chemicals to kill mosquitoes. apparently a daily occurrence in the summer. madness!

i think i mentioned 'ajummas' before. they're older ladies, usually quite agressive and rude, they always push people in the subway and steal seats. they love wearing matching outfits and the ubiquitous sun visor. oh yea, and permed hair:

a normal early morning in seoul:

foreigners-only signs...

and a south korean soldier at the north korean border, looks quite scary:

oh, and the "Teeny Weenie" phenomenon... I don't even know where to start. for some reason, this bear is ├╝ber-popular among kids, teenagers, couples, businessmen, families.... everyone. couples wear matching shirts featuring the Teeny Weenie bear. young men proudly adorn it. i have no idea why it's soooo popular:

until the next time.


Paris Tarts said...

That is random...I love how those guys fell asleep over breakfast :)


aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love the train shots!it is so funny!

and the foreigners!!

vivian said...

yea, it's weird to always be refered to as a "foreigner"!