Tuesday, June 24, 2008

home sweet home (vive le quebec)

i had to be thousand of miles away from home to actually celebrate quebec's national holiday (and to eat some poutine). it's funny how i never cared so much back home, it was just a good reason to go out and celebrate the first summer days. and i never was a big fan of poutine, quebec's national dish: french fries, gravy and cheese? no thanks.

however, yesterday, i found myself longing for poutine and i got a bit nostalgic while watching a live broadcast of a montreal morning show. i decided to show my fellow canadians and some korean friends a taste of poutine (the canadians already knew what it was). we headed to a canadian pub in itaewon and order the "montreal style poutine" and some cheap beer- doesn't get more quebecois than that, eh?! they did a pretty good job re-creating the dish, the gravy was actually quite tasty. the funniest part was to watch our korean friends eat chicken wings ("only spicy smell. not spicy taste")

i was excited to celebrate in my own little way... actually being away from home makes you appreciate all those things you never thought you'd miss. this coming weekend is Canada Day, and there should be plenty of celebrations going on in seoul. korea has a huge population of canadians (and americans), so whenever you feel a bit homesick there are quite a few options.

as aaron would say, "bin ouin!" (his best french exression, meaning.... uh... "yes")

oh, and where else could you get away with that kind of store name?

seulement en coree!


Beka said...

1) That food looks delicious!
2) That store name is hilarious!!!

Emily said...

funny, i had the exact opposite reaction...fries, gravy and cheese? sounds like heaven to me!!!

vivian said...

well i must admit it tastes sooo good, but it's so unhealthy that i convinced myself it wasn't good :D

Sam said...

Ha ha haa! I can't believe you've got that picture! That shop made me laugh so much when I first saw it that I had it on my Flickr as well!
And as a Brit, chips and gravy?! What's not to love??!?