Saturday, May 17, 2008

my last day in montreal, first day in seoul.

last day in montreal:

i woke up in panic, had someone from work dropping off a box of my personal stuff, met aaron on mont-royal, went out for breakfast at beauty's (eggs and bacon, yumm, it seems like ages ago), went downtown looking everywhere for korean currency (finally found one place), rolled up aaron's canadian coins at second cup, went shopping at zara (got a last outfit, boots and a sweater), met sarah for dinner, went to the gym (probably spent most of it in the sauna), finished packing my suitcase, called my mom, wrote a few emails, took a shower, realized i had a small bottle of veuve cliquot left and got a bit drunk, did not get any sleep, waited for aaron to show up, got to the airport at 4am, freaked out in chicago when realized there was no turning back, then watched breakfast at tiffany's on the plane to seoul.

first day in seoul:

arrived in incheon late afternoon, got picked up by the recruiter, ate most of the chewing gum in the car ride to seoul, got stuck in seoul traffic for two hours, was dying from hunger, got to the school early evening, was greeted by the over-enthusiastic director, was told we had to sleep in the school's guest house for the weekend, freaked out a bit but then saw the nice quarters and wanted to live there for good, got presented with pastries and jam when we told the director we didn't have dinner, finally went out for a real dinner and caught a glimpse of the neighbourhood, watched some korean game shows, and passed out for the night.... then woke up at 6am, jet-lagged, and not knowing where i was.

good times, good times. seems like so long ago now!

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