Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i'd rather be...

partying, shopping, putting on a fashion show at a baseball game, or reading magazines with an expensive coffee.

so things are better at school, i'm trying not to care as much and to keep my mouth shut. this week has been fun so far, we don't have to teach. it's the speech contest, so we only listen and mark the students on their english speech abilities. it's not 'fun' per se, but much easier than teaching. it gives me a nice break from the yelling at the grade 2!

i had a fun-filled weekend, too: baseball game on friday night (koreans cheer at the weirdest moments, a.k.a. all the time!), some sightseeing on saturday (the traditional, touristy part of seoul, shopping for some souvenirs, ie. hello kitty cat), and some lounging and picnic in the park on sunday, followed by some shopping in hongdae.

i also have a newfound love for korean traditional rice porridge, "juk". it comes in a variety of flavours: chicken, mushroom, seafood. it's basically like oatmeal, but with rice and a flavour. my favourite kind is pumpkin (see the first picture), which is really just a pumpkin potage, sans rice (they have a few rice noodles inside, but i don't eat them). the good news are, it's filling and very healthy. it comes with a side dish of kimchi, and a side dish of shredded beef. it's a "yummy, delicious food" like koreans would say. yesterday i tried to go on a day without rice, but it's practically impossible. the school cafeteria serves it every single day for lunch, along with different soups or side dishes. but it's at the core of every meal!

in other news, the weather is still insanely hot. i'm dreading the summer, i'm not good with too much heat. the gym hasn't started turning on the air conditioning, so it's been crazy hot and sweaty in there. plus the scale is out of order, which defeats my whole purpose of visiting the gym in the first place. ha! kidding.


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cute pictures!!!!!!!!

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oh i would love to go to korea :) i hope you could post more pics!