Monday, April 28, 2008

things i wouldn't be caught dead doing home...

...that i shamelessly do here:

*i hang out at dunkin' donuts. ok, let me explain. they're considered kind of 'cool' here, and they look great! unlike the ugly, run-down north american shops, the korean dd's look so cute, all pink and orange with plush cushions and little wooden tables. they're really clean and modern, and offer decent coffee at the lowest price i could find in korea. i mostly go for the bagels, they're hard to find in korea and nothing beats a mouthful of cream cheese.

*i party at 7-eleven. then again, 7-eleven are kinda 'cool' here. there is one every single street corner, and they're very.... convenient. they sell food, snacks, ice cream, and soju of course. you can sit outside on the patio and chill out and have a drink.

*i bought a dress with ruffles AND sequins. wh-wh-whaaat??! i need to fit in with korean girls!

*i walk in 4-inch shiny black heels once in a while. once again, i try to blend in.

*i own a t-shirt with doubtful english writing.

*i own some hello kitty paraphernelia.

*i sleep in blankets straight from alice in wonderland, complete with ruffles and pastel pink and green. (provided by the school).

*i shower over the toilet. (okay, okay, i mention it every time i know)

*i watch 'gossip girl'... and 'oprah'... and some style show with tim gunn... and reality shows... there is a limited choice in english television channels.

*i eat rice twice a day.

*i sing the animal song and dance along with the second graders, complete with my own imitations of a giraffe, zebra and lion. they still don't seem to know which is which, they always stare at me with no expression.

*i go to public baths (okay, i went once, but still).

*i read excerpts from the bible and make up prayers on the morning meeting at the school (it's a very christian school).

*i ate at TGI Friday's... and it was great.

*i eat various modified soy products.

*i enjoy sleeping on the floor.

*i wear puple plastic sandals in the bathroom.

*i find myself humming along to the korean pop music hits.

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Filipe said...

I loved reading your blog, Im learning a lot about korean culture and you write so well, with all the words very articulated.

Keep working in this awesome really good.

Thanks for sharing your experiences:)