Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the art of showering

okay, i know i already wrote a lot about showers, but i had to go on. it is now very complicated and elaborate to take a simple shower. picture one hand holding the shower head close to your body because you cannot actually stand right underneath it when it's on the wall (the ceiling is too low, even for someone my height). while you're holding the showerhead close to you, you have to wash with the other hand, while making sure the water doesn't go everywhere else in the bathroom. imagine the physical effort it takes to shave your legs, or wash your face. if i stop holding it i get too cold, as the bathroom is not heated. it now takes me twice as much time to take a regular shower, lots of walking around in the shower sandals and temperature adjustments as it goes from boiling hot to cold in less than five seconds. i'll try to write about teaching next.

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